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14.02.2020 Source: AWEX
Micron 17 2048 -30
Micron 18 1947 +25
Micron 19 1830 +5
Micron 20 1779 -17
Micron 21 1773 -20
Micron 26 1160n +56
Micron 28 866 +45
Micron 30 678n +15
Micron 32 415n -
MCar 1128 -29

AWI has in place a proactive, intensive and committed flystrike prevention program with long term and short term aims.

The ultimate long-term aim of the program is to reduce the reliance on mulesing. The immediate or short term aim is to provide methods to replace or refine the practice of traditional mulesing with welfare-improved practices. AWI supports all woolgrowers in their choice of best practice animal health and hygiene in flystrike control.

In this section
Latest Research
AWI's latest breech flystrike prevention research and publications.
An overview of the approach taken by AWI to tackle breech flystrike.
Breeding for Breech Strike Resistance
Why breeding for breech strike resistance is the long term sustainable solution.
Welfare Improved Practices
The latest information in welfare-improved surgery with pain relief.
Breech Flystrike Prevention Tools
Research and development in fly genome sequencing, nanotechnology and vaccine technologies.