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AWEX EMI 1157 -
Micron 17 1755 -7
Micron 18 1551 -14
Micron 19 1402 -11
Micron 20 1325 -5
Micron 21 1321 +2
Micron 22 1317 +10
Micron 25 705 -18
Micron 26 540 +5
Micron 28 360 -
Micron 30 340 +6
Micron 32 305 -4
MCar 731 +2

AWI Sponsorship Application


  • To enhance the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry.
  • To increase value, demand and market access for Australian wool.
  • Through collaboration and consultation with stakeholders, to invest in research, development, extension and marketing initiatives whilst collaborating and consulting with stakeholders of the Australian wool industry.


I have read and agree to the AWI event sponsorship legal terms, event sponsorship program guidelines and privacy policy:*

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