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30.09.2022 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1255 -24
Micron 18 1775 -93
Micron 19 1508 -91
Micron 20 1356 -46
Micron 21 1281 -33
Micron 22 1228n -8
Micron 26 632n -10
Micron 28 352 +5
MCar 860 +4
Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel

Every 25 minutes, an Olympic-sized pool of oil is used to make synthetic clothing. Choosing natural fibres, such as wool, offers solutions to reducing fashion's impact. Always check the label to change the way you shop.

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Beyond The Bale - September Issue Out Now

Wool harvesting careers highlighted in video campaign; Resources available to get prepared for flystrike season; Merino Lifetime Productivity project insights... and much more.

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In the Shops – Spring/Summer 2022

AWI has compiled this special preview of some wool products that will be available from Australian brands this season. Take a look around their stores and websites – and happy shopping...

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Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) facts and resources

FMD represents the greatest disease threat to Australia’s livestock industries and export markets. It has the potential for rapid and extensive spread.

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Biosecurity Measures at Australian Airports

AWI CEO John Roberts recently joined other livestock industry leaders in a behind the scenes tour of biosecurity measures at Sydney International Airport.

Watch the Ask the Chairman and Board of Directors Webinar

The recording from the Ask the Chairman and Board of Directors Webinar on May 3 2022 is now available to watch.

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The Broader View – for non-Merino woolgrowers

This AWI publication includes articles about AWI on-farm R&D and extension activities and the marketing of broad micron wool.

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Modular sheep delivery unit to eliminate catch and drag

As part of a new AWI project, a mechanical system is under development that delivers the sheep to the shearer, thereby reducing the catch and drag.

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Where to buy wool

Looking for wool products?
Visit The Wool Edit.

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Episode 229

Foot and Mouth Disease Augmented Reality

Download audio

PIRSA in South Australia have developed an augmented reality App for smartphones to help identify exotic animal diseases such as Foot and Mouth disease. Hear how it works and its significant benefits.

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