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Beyond The Bale - New Issue Out Now

From farm to fashion, the latest issue reports on initiatives to increase the on-farm profitability of Australian woolgrowers and increase the demand for Australian wool.

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Breech Flystrike Awareness

With the warm summer months upon us the risk of flystrike is increased. Now is the time to be vigilant in monitoring your sheep for flystrike.

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Weathering the drought with regenerative ag

The property of Colin Seis from Gulgong in NSW is handling the drought through his use of perennial grassland and regenerative agricultural practices.

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Numnuts numbs nuts (and tails)!

Numnuts is a new device that enables sheep producers to castrate and tail-dock their lambs with rubber rings while also injecting a local anaesthetic at the same application.

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50-year-old ram semen achieves high fertility

The oldest frozen ram semen in existence has this year been thawed out and inseminated – and the semen achieved remarkably high pregnancy and scanning rates.

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AWI-funded shearer training at Tambo

An AWI-funded shearing  and wool handling school held at Tambo in Central West Queensland in August proved very popular.

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Woolgrowers donate 100 years of Baggy Greens

AWI Chairman Ms Colette Garnsey OAM has handed Cricket Australia Chairman Earl Eddings the next era of baggy green cloth.

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New flystrike vaccine investigation

AWI has announced a $2.5 million four-year research investment to undertake preliminary research into the development of a flystrike vaccine targeting the Australian sheep blowfly.

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AWI and The Woolmark Company are offering Australian woolgrowers a free stencil of the Woolmark logo for use on their wool bales, to identify and brand their wool fibre as being proudly grown in Australia.

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100% Merino high performance jacket

Experience a unique 100% Merino jacket that is resistant to water and wind – available to woolgrowers to purchase online now at a SPECIAL OFFER price of just $185.

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View the progress being made by AWI to implement the 82 recommendation items in the 2015-2018 independent Review of Performance report.

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The Woolmark Company’s Live & Breathe campaign seeks to remind a new generation that Merino wool’s naturally inherent qualities – breathability, odour control, moisture management – make it the original performance fibre.

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AWI Drought Resources

With parts of southern Australia receiving below average rainfall, available to woolgrowers are AWI’s drought management resources.

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The project is designed to capture lifetime data across diverse environments and Merino types to help better understand and deliver Merino ewe lifetime performance outcomes for the industry.

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Market Intelligence

Sale date 10/01/2019
AWEX EMI 1910 +48
17 2541 +25
18 2425 +39
19 2294 +46
20 2247 +64
21 2220 +70
22 2204 +49
23 2145 +24
28 892 +33
32 488 +34
Mer Card 1179 +37
Source: AWEX
AWEX - EMI monthly average
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About AWI

Australian Wool Innovation is a not-for-profit company owned by more than 22,000 Australian woolgrowers.
AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool.