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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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21.10.2021 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1369 +46
Micron 17 2508 +35
Micron 18 2161 +94
Micron 19 1716 +76
Micron 20 1360 +45
Micron 21 1295 +63
Micron 22 1254n +62
Micron 26 705n +19
Micron 28 423 +8
Micron 30 342 +2
MCar 883 -6

Market Intelligence

Australian Wool Innovation provides various information services to its partners and woolgrowers. By undertaking a broad review of the global market for wool and competitor fibres, we are able to provide wool production forecasting, retail and trade market reports, consumer insights and trend monitoring, along with fibre market research.

We provide tangible economic value for our stakeholders. This section also contains weekly wool price reports as well as monthly market intelligence reviews.

As part of the AWI Wool Production Forecasting Committee, we also aim to provide the best possible estimates of future sheep numbers for the Australian wool production pipeline. This is done by producing consensus based authoritative forecasts of Australian wool production tri-annually.

Weekly Price Reports
Weekly commentary on the wool market from AWI trade specialists.
Monthly Market Reports
Monthly insights into economic, finance and trade issues affecting global demand for wool, and what this means for the Australian wool industry.
Wool Production Forecasts
The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee estimates sheep numbers, sheep shorn, average cut per head and wool production, three times a year.
Sheep Numbers By State
The latest Australian sheep and wool industry data.
Wool & Sheepmeat Survey
AWI surveys woolgrowers tri-annually for key estimates of sheepmeat and wool production information used by the sheep and wool industry.
WoolQ is the single online destination for woolgrowers and the wool industry to access and interact with industry information, data, selling choices and trading opportunities.
A user-friendly calculator that prices a wool clip based on wool characteristics and daily or historical wool auction prices.

The Yarn - Episode 131: Australian wool & Asia; tough times and opportunities

This week it’s all about what is happening in Asia. An area where more than 85% of Australian wool is sold to. From China, to Japan, Korea, and India to some surprising places where wool is making inroads.

We hear from AWI’s Eastern Hemisphere General Manager John Roberts and AWI’s Country Manager in Japan Samuel Cockedey.

Listen now


In a new initiative, AWI is sending wool prices and market intelligence direct to woolgrowers’ mobile phones.

Woolgrowers receive the latest movements in the EMI in a simple text message (see left image), including a link to a full price report that provides more detail about price movements (see right image).

If you would like to subscribe to the free SMS service, visit where you will be asked to input your name and the mobile phone number to receive the SMS.

You can unsubscribe from the service at any time by replying to the AWI SMS message.