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Weaning is a key time in the calendar for both the ewe and the lamb, and a few key steps will help your weaners thrive and ewes recover for next joining.

Wean to manage, don’t manage to wean! Weaning is one of the most critical times in the sheep reproduction calendar – for both the ewe and the lamb. Effective management of weaning supports the lifetime productivity of lambs and allows ewes to recover condition before the next joining period.

Joining length, feed quality, ewe condition, time of weaning, target weaning weight and average daily weight gain all play a role in the success of weaning. The benchmark for weaner survival is 95% or better from weaning to 1 year of age. Guidelines for best practice weaner management are outlined in the weaning management checklist and resources below.

Winning With Weaners - Online

AWI Winning With Weaners is a one-day workshop offered by AWI’s state grower extension networks right around Australia. AWI has recorded a one-hour version which covers the highlights of the workshop to make available to growers any time of the year.


AWI Change Makers Episode 2: Weaning to manage

Wean to manage, don’t manage to wean. Weaning is important for the ewe and the lamb to manage ewe condition and lamb growth rates for a lifetime of productivity.

Join Nathan Scott as he outlines why timely weaning is important, practical management tips and what you can do in #AWIChangeMakers Episode 2: Weaning to manage.


AWI’s Standard Reference Weight Calculator allows you to calculate the SRW for your flock, allowing for more accurate feed budgeting and management decisions. 


Use AWI’s Feed Budget Tables for Merino Weaners to first set your Target Weaning Weight and liveweight targets, then understand your weaners’ requirements based on the quality and quantity of feed you have available.


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