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AWEX EMI 1130 -5
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Micron 21 1286 -21
Micron 22 1276 -29
Micron 25 716n +17
Micron 26 518 +13
Micron 28 355 -2
Micron 30 328 +3
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MCar 721 -1


The AWI Board is committed to adopting corporate governance principles and best practice recommendations in broad terms consistent with the rest of the corperate business community.

As outlined in the Company's constitution the management and control of the business and affairs of the company are vested in the Board. The Board is committed to the governance systems that enhance performance and ensure AWI operates legally and responsibly on all matters and maintain the highest ethical standards.

The main functions and responsibilities of the Board include but are not limited to; general oversight of the Company, governance, risk management, people and remuneration, and communication with shareholders. A detailed list of the roles and responsibilities of the Board can be found  in the Board Charter.

Four committees have been established within the Board to assist in the executing and delivering their roles and responsibilities. These committees include.

Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)

Chaired by George Millington

Renamed from Finance & Audit committee to Audit & Risk Committee in January 2020. Directors appointed by the Board provide guidance and recommendations to the Board and the CEO to assist in fulfilling their responsibilities relating to risk, accounting, reporting and compliance practices of the Company.

Marketing and Product Innovation Committee

Chaired by Georgia Hack

This Committee was established to provide guidance and recommendation to the Board and CEO relating to reviewing departmental strategy, providing strategic support to management, and marketing and product innovation project approval.

People and Culture Committee (PCC)

Chaired by Emma Weston

Renamed from Remuneration & Appointments Committee to People & Culture Committee in January 2020. This committee provides guidance and recommendations to the Board and the CEO in matters pertaining to recruitment and retention on employees and policies governing remuneration for current and potential employees.

Research Development Education & Extension Committee (RDEEC)

Chaired by Michelle Humphries

Renamed from Science & Welfare Committee to Research Development Education & Extension Committee in January 2020. This Committee was established to provide guidance and recommendation to the Board and CEO regarding the scientific and research policies of the Company and on the conduct of programs relating to activities undertaken by the Company that utilise science or impact animal welfare activities. Oversight of the Education & Extension portfolio was added to the responsibilities for the committee in January 2020.

Board Nomination Committee

Established to assess the skills of those seeking election to the Board of AWI, the five-member Committee was introduced in 2011 in accordance with AWI’s Statutory Funding Agreement with the Federal Government.

The Board

The Board is composed of Directors who collectively possess the skills required to fulfill the purpose of the Board and lead the Company.

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Jock Laurie

Mr Laurie was elected to the Board in November 2015. He was appointed as Chairman of the AWI Board on 30 June 2021 following Ms Garnsey’s resignation.

Mr Laurie and his family operate a farming business that consists of wool, lamb, beef and grain on properties at Walcha, Bendemeer and Gunnedah.

Georgia Hack

Georgia Hack was elected as a director in 2021.

Georgia Hack has a Masters in Marketing from the Melbourne Business School, and is an accomplished Marketing and business professional. In March 2023, Georgia joined L'Oreal Australia & New Zealand as Chief Digital & Marketing Officer.

Michelle Humphries

Dr Humphries BVSc MAICD was elected to the AWI Board in November 2019.

Dr Humphries is a highly respected sheep veterinarian with more than 35 years' experience in the Merino industry. She sits on a range of expert advisory committees and boards and operates a commercial Merino enterprise in the Riverina region of NSW.

Neil Jackson

Neil Jackson was elected to the Board in November 2023.

Neil is a third-generation farmer with 38 years hands-on experience.  He currently runs his operation, Sunny Valley Farms which is now one of the larger family-owned wool farms in the Great Southern of Western Australia.

Don MacDonald

Don Macdonald was elected to the Board in November 2017.

Don Macdonald has been involved in the wool industry since 1975 as a wool classer, shearer, wool broker and grower. He has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of wool production, harvesting, marketing and logistics.

George Millington

George Millington was elected to the Board in November 2023.

George is the owner and managing director of Collinsville Stud Merinos, where he led the acquisition and integration of the Merino studs of Collinsville and East Bungaree.  He is also a director and majority shareholder of APD Parcel Delivery, a logistics company he acquired in 2012. 

Emma Weston

Emma Weston was elected to the Board in November 2023.

Emma Weston is the CEO and a Co Founder of AgriDigital. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management, a Bachelor of Laws, awarded with Honours, and a Bachelor of Arts.


awi-ceo-john-roberts.pngChief Executive Officer
John Roberts

The chief executive officer is appointed by the Board of Directors.

The roles and responsibilities of the CEO include but are not limited to; the ongoing management of the Company, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, company policy standards and procedures; implementing the decisions of the board, ensuring a safe workplace, attending all board meetings and ensuring the board is informed on all matters that may affect the Company. 

AWI's current CEO is John Roberts. 

John brings more than 30years experience in the Wool Industry having worked in a wide range of industry sectors throughout the entire supply chain. 

John started his career in the Wool Industry in 1988 working for the exporter Booth Hill & New Pty Ltd where he gained a considerable grounding in the areas of wool valuing, buying, shipping, trading and wool processing. 

He then spent the next two decades holding senior trading and manufacturing positions in a number of companies in Australia and oversea including General Manager of both Elders Wool International and Dalgety Wool Exports. His extensive history in the Wool Industry has seen him trade both greasy and processed wool to all corners of the globe including key markets of Italy, India, UK, USA, Europe, NE Asia and China where he was stationed for 3 years in the role of Trading and Marketing Manager for Elders. 

John joined AWI in his capacity as General Manager - Eastern Hemisphere where he gained considerable exposure in the areas of product innovation, education, and marketing in overseas markets, before taking on the position of Chief Operations Officer in 2019. 

He is from a wool growing family in Binalong, NSW and holds a deep passion for the industry and its future. John assumed the role of Acting CEO in October 2021. 

Become a Shareholder

AWI shareholders are able to shape the decision making process of the company via their access to information from the company, and right to vote at Annual General Meetings. 

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Further Information

The governance policies for Australian Wool Innovation include the following:

Governance Documents

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