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02.12.2021 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1346 +5
Micron 17 2403 +35
Micron 18 2017 +17
Micron 19 1659 +2
Micron 20 1379 +13
Micron 21 1318 +8
Micron 22 1315n +17
Micron 26 728n +3
Micron 28 400 -8
Micron 30 335 -5
Micron 32 240n -
MCar 904 +1

Woolmark Certification

AWI is the proud owner the iconic Woolmark logo and its globally recognised certification program.

The Woolmark licensing program is a textile quality assurance and product certification scheme that guarantees fibre content and quality to both consumers and the supply chain. Yarns, fabrics and garments are subject to rigorous independent testing to achieve the prestigious Woolmark certification. The logo is not just a brand: products that carry the mark are subject to The Woolmark Company’s quality standards which are backed up by rigorous test methods.

The Woolmark logo is a symbol of trust between woolgrowers and consumers.

According to surveys conducted by Nielsen, there has been an increase in awareness of the Woolmark brand amongst consumers in the past two years. Consumers identify the Woolmark symbol as ensuring quality, and a symbol of trust between Australian woolgrowers and the consumer.


Why do we have the Woolmark licensing program?

The Woolmark certification scheme provides measurable value and impact for licensees, achieved through market intelligence, technical support and tools.

The Woolmark logo suite is a globally valued standard for supply chain integrity and quality wool products.

In the past year, we reached more than 20 million consumers and generated more than 58 million impressions through programs that highlight wool’s benefits and environmental properties.

Woolmark certification

Learn more about the Woolmark licensing program and its rigorous testing methods.

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Woolgrowers and the Woolmark logo

Australian woolgrowers are now able to use the iconic Woolmark brand to mark their wool bales, as the logo moves to become a supply chain integrity mark. Stamping the Woolmark logo on wool bales identifies the wool was proudly grown in Australia.

Woolmark bale stencil

Eligible Australian woolgrowers can obtain a free stencil of the Woolmark logo for use on wool bales.

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