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AWEX EMI 1107 -
Micron 17 1610 -2
Micron 18 1454 -11
Micron 19 1357 -4
Micron 20 1301 +3
Micron 21 1284 +8
Micron 22 1281n +6
Micron 26 551n -13
Micron 28 368 -17
Micron 30 333 -7
Micron 32 290n +2
MCar 677 -13

Watch the recording of the Ask the Chairman and Board of Directors Webinar.

The AWI Chairman Jock Laurie, CEO John Roberts and the Board of Directors joined woolgrowers to discuss the latest developments in research, development and marketing of the best natural fibre in the world – Australian wool and answer questions from the attendees. Watch the recording below.


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