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AWEX and AWI working together with traceability and training a key focus

Australian Wool Exchange Ltd (AWEX) and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) have embarked on a programme of collaboration to fast-track key industry initiatives.

Australian Wool Exchange Ltd (AWEX) and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) have embarked on a programme of collaboration to fast-track key industry initiatives.

The two wool industry service providers will share a single electronic specification by the end of 2022.

AWEX Chief Executive Mark Grave says it is important that the two not-for-profit companies work together for the mutual benefit of the industry.

“AWEX and AWI recognise the value that industry can gain by collaborating.  Achieving a single electronic specification will streamline training, extension and remove duplication for the industry. Traceability is critical to wool’s future and it starts on farm. Having a single on-farm platform to capture wool information will play a large part in improving Australia’s traceability and provenance credentials. Australia can lead the world and improve efficiencies through the supply chain.

AWI Chief Executive John Roberts says the single electronic specification for the industry is the right decision.

“There are huge benefits that can result from a simple industry wide electronic specification, and it is essential in achieving a full traceability solution for our fibre. Traceability will enable the Australian Wool Industry to better address the threats associated with a bio security incursion like FMD, as well as allowing wool growers to leverage the commercial opportunities that exist around provenance, which is now a common priority amongst sports and fashion brands globally.

Over the next few months AWEX and AWI will finalise the work together to connect WoolQ and WoolClip to provide a seamless pathway for wool production data to be collected on farm, stored and analysed.

The companies will also collaborate on promotion and education of the benefits of a digital data journey to increase adoption for the benefit of all industry participants.

Both parties are confident in the success of this first project and believe it will develop into a much closer working relationship going forward. AWEX with its strong connection to classers, coupled with AWI working with and for growers. offers a unique opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths.

WoolQ’s eSpeci and WoolClip will operate as usual until the launch of the single solution which has a December 2022 target date.

Media Contacts:

Mark Grave  0414 314 705
Kevin Wilde 0436 031 277

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