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Sease showcases the innovative future of Merino wool

Premium Italian performance wear brand Sease has teamed up with The Woolmark Company to transform traditional formal fabrics into an elegant urban and skiing collection.

Screenshot from the video promoting the new Sease collection. To emphasise the concept of highly performing product, the video was shot at the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel in Turin, which is used to test the aerodynamics of performance vehicles.

Premium Italian performance wear brand Sease has teamed up with The Woolmark Company to transform traditional formal fabrics into an elegant urban and skiing collection.

Founded in 2018 by brothers Franco and Giacomo Loro Piana, Sease is a premium lifestyle brand that blurs the line between contemporary urban wear and high performance activewear. The name Sease is a melding of the words ‘sea’ and ‘ease’, which reflects the brothers’ passion for sailing and their desire to escape daily pressures by immersing themselves in nature.

The menswear brand’s 19-piece latest collection, developed in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, builds on their family’s famed passion for Merino wool. Launched in October, the collection breathes new life into classic formal fabrics, engineering them into urban and ski apparel that comprises Woolmark Blend-certified jackets, sweatshirts, pants and T-shirt.

Sease’s mission is to create garments in an ethical and sustainable way by collaborating with partners committed to lowering their environmental footprint across the supply chain without compromising quality, style and performance. Merino wool was therefore the natural choice for Sease.


The Balma Jacket is made with performance and comfort in mind using Solaro Sunrise fabric that comprises laminated wool and bio-based nylon.

“Merino wool is the perfect fibre for Sease’s contemporary wardrobe, where it finds an unprecedented balance between design, quality and functionality,” explained Sease CEO and Founder, Franco Loro Piana.

“My family has always worked to research Merino wool, the finest and most valuable fibre in the world. I am very happy to continue the innovation of this fibre with my project.”

AWI Regional Manager, Central & Eastern Europe, Francesco Magri says The Woolmark Company is proud to support the Sease project and their founders who have always been committed to the search for innovation with Merino wool.

“Sease pushes the boundaries of Merino wool, challenging perceptions and creating innovative products that drive new opportunities for the fibre. The brand opens the door to a new approach to sportswear because the brand understands the quality of traditional wool fabrics, the sustainable soul and the multiple performance benefits of Merino wool,” he said.

The collection was launched on 20 October at an event at Sease's boutique in Via Montenapoleone in Milan attended by 200 press, influencers and VIP clients. A social, digital and influencer marketing campaign is currently under way promoting the collection, while emphasising the natural performance benefits of Merino wool and the fibre’s on-farm source.


More information:


The Drone Hood sweatshirt is made from a Merino wool and cashmere double jersey pinstripe fabric synonymous with Italian tailoring and offers incredible softness and warmth.

Sease wins sustainability award

An international jury, chaired by Dame Ellen MacArthur, in September selected Sease as winner of The Woolmark Company Award for Innovation at the National Chamber of Italian Fashion’s (CNMI) 2022 Sustainable Fashion Awards, an event in Milan that recognises commitment to offering sustainable solutions to the fashion industry.

The Award was presented to Sease for its role as promoter and innovator in the use of Australian Merino wool as a 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable premium fibre as well as a fundamental ingredient for circular and traceable products.

“Wool is one of the most sustainable materials in the world and produced in a conscious way; it is one of the best choices for the planet. Australian Merino wool has long been the best choice for Sease, a young and Made in Italy brand we are proud of and happy to support,” said CNMI chairman Carlo Capasa.


This article appeared in the December 2022 edition of AWI’s Beyond the Bale magazine. Reproduction of the article is encouraged.

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