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AWEX EMI 1157 -6
Micron 17 1762 -23
Micron 18 1565 -37
Micron 19 1413 +10
Micron 20 1330 +4
Micron 21 1319 -
Micron 22 1307 +9
Micron 25 723 -9
Micron 26 535 -17
Micron 28 360 -
Micron 30 334 -1
Micron 32 309 +2
MCar 729 +3

AWI Flystrike Genomics Reference Flock

AWI has commenced a two-year project aimed at increasing the phenotypic and genomic information needed to establish a Flystrike ASBV, as well as adding data to the Merino Genomic Reference Flock.

The project aims to provide financial assistance to ram breeders collecting flystrike data on genotyped animals, so a genomically enhanced Flystrike ASBV can be established. In the short term, a Flystrike Research Breeding Value will be released, which breeders involved in the project will receive prior to the release of the ASBV.

The project is open until June 2025.

More information: Refer to the article in the June 2023 edition of Beyond the Bale. For further information and expressions of interest, please contact Ben Swain of BCS Agribusiness on 0427 100 542 or


This article appeared in the December 2023 edition of AWI’s Beyond the Bale magazine. Reproduction of the article is encouraged.

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