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Weekly commentary on the wool market from AWI trade specialists.

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Friday, 18 October 2019

Wool market review - week ending 18 October 2019 (Week 16)

The week at Australian wool auctions produced a rather mundane result considering the extreme volatility that has been the modus operandi of the market for the past few months. The trading business situation appears to be returning to normal, with relatively regular business being available around the daily price for the past fortnight. Movements in the very recent period have largely been supply driven, both on volume and wool type.

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Friday, 11 October 2019

Wool market review - week ending 11 October 2019 (Week 15)

This week the Australian wool auctions again produced results that are symptomatic of the volatility that surround wool pricing at pre-sent. On the back of last weeks’ sharp decline the lower prices helped extract fresh business from overseas users. This caused prices to revert upwards on most sectors. Short term trends have been non-existent now for the past few months, indicative of an industry struggling to find a safe and profitable levels of trades.

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Friday, 04 October 2019

Wool market review - week ending 4 October 2019 (Week 14)

The rapid gains of the past three weeks at the Australian wool auctions came to an abrupt halt this week. Prices were crunched across the majority of the offering, with only the carding sector remaining unscathed. It would appear that the prompt demands of machinery for greasy wool have been minimally met for the immediate term. 

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Friday, 27 September 2019

Wool market review - week ending 27 September 2019 (Week 13)

Another wild week at the Australian wool auctions. Prices were substantially dearer across the entire offering as news arising from the Nanjing Wool Market conference, the largest wool trade gathering annually, had forecast these positive gain.

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Friday, 20 September 2019

Wool market review - week ending 20 September 2019 (Week 12)

Australian wool auctions produced wildly varying movements in their published pricing, but this was totally due to the lack of a Sydney sale last Thursday. The disparity with the week to week quotessaw the trade initially concentrate on trying to align those differences but by weeks end, the returning confidence saw all levels flatten out then slowly increase. The weaker AUD v USD rates (-1.3%) helped maintain the renewed and improving interest from overseas.

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Filter and Search Weekly Market Reports

309 results