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23.10.2020 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1219 +102
Micron 17 1820n +88
Micron 18 1615 +83
Micron 19 1390 +86
Micron 20 1283 +123
Micron 21 1204 +59
Micron 22 1198n +112
Micron 26 886n +138
Micron 28 673 +158
Micron 30 533 +94
Micron 32 331n -370
MCar 816 +62
Feed On Offer
Feed On Offer (FOO) is the amount of pasture in a paddock at any given time, measured in kilograms of dry matter per hectare (kg DM/ha).

FOO required to achieve production targets are available for different types of livestock. FOO levels can also be used to manage pasture composition and growth rate, ensure environmental protection and enhance pasture persistence. The appropriate FOO targets for a farm depends on the class of stock, production requirements and balancing the objectives for animals, pastures and environmental protection.

To help improve producer skills in pasture assessment, AWI has prepared a photo gallery of FOO standards. The FOO information was collected from across a wide range of production zones, including pastures from Cool Temperate, Mediterranean, Warm Temperate and Pastoral regions – covering the key wool producing zones. In addition, every image comes with a full set of nutritional information including Protein, Digestibility, Metabolisable Energy (ME) content, Legume content, Ground cover and Pasture height.

The complete FOO digital gallery contains over 650 images and is available at Due to the size and complexity of the gallery, there have been some issues with sorting and downloading data and so the site is currently being redeveloped  to improve access.

In the meantime, and to help retrieval of relevant information for producers, the following PDF files have been extracted from the website and made available.

They are set up to be printed as A5 pages. If not all photos and data in the PDF are required, select the required pages in the PDF print option.

State & Climatic Region

Not all species and pasture types are available for every state and climatic region.  Therefore, consider using FOO data from other states with similar climatic regions if data is not available for your area.

Queensland & South Australia

Pasture Species

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