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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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Who we are

Australian Wool Innovation is a not-for-profit enterprise that conducts research, development and marketing along the worldwide supply chain of Australian wool to increase the long-term profitability of Australian woolgrowers.

Our mission is to make strategically targeted investments to enhance the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry.

Funded by Australian woolgrowers, we are focused on delivering results for wool levy payers in line with the priorities identified through industry consultation and reflected in the company's Strategic Plan.

Working along the supply chain of Australian wool, we nurture talent, innovate through research, and actively invest in pushing the boundaries of what wool means to the world.

The Woolmark Company is the marketing subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation and has 16 offices around the world in key markets for wool. The Woolmark Company focuses on fostering talent, developing new innovations, and helping businesses realise the benefits of Australian Merino wool.

The Woolmark Company is now one of the world’s most recognised brands, with our logo appearing on more than 5 billion products since its inception.

We work with



We work to support the growth and development of the Australian wool industry by providing skills training, educational resources and programs, leadership initiatives, practical workshops for woolgrowers and wool industry professionals as well as fund the development of new practices and products to improve woolgrowers' on-farm productivity and profitability.


Government and industry

We implement a comprehensive planning and consultation cycle across all portfolios to ensure two-way dialogue with stakeholders and to enable AWI to work with partners in developing its activities.


Manufacturers and brands

We work with the world's best manufacturers and brands to develop, produce and market innovative products or processes for wool. To do this, our in-house technical team work along the supply chain and collaborate with partners such as spinners, knitters weavers, textile dyers & printers, machinery suppliers to realise new opportunities for Australian wool.


Fashion designers and retailers

Through our marketing initiatives we build strategic and collaborative relationships with emerging and established designers and retailers to reinforce Australian wool’s reputation as the world’s greatest natural performance fibre. We inspire and educate fashion designers and brands to create new innovative collections and realise new commercial opportunities that utilise the unique natural properties of Australian wool.


Educators and students

We invest in comprehensive training for students, retailers and brands to educate along the supply chain about the benefits and versatility of Australian wool with the ultimate goal to empower them to use Australian wool and sell more wool and wool-rich product.



We market Australian wool to consumers through a number of approaches to cement Australian wool's position as the ultimate ingredient in luxury apparel and as the world's most innovative, technically advanced natural fibre. Our marketing is strategically focused to drive growth through sportswear, defend core categories through mens and womenswear collaborations and build the reputation for Australian wool through fibre advocacy campaigns.

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Statutory Obligations
AWI Statutory Funding Agreement with Federal Government, and other obligations.
AWI's History
The evolution of Australian wool industry functions and the establishment of AWI.
AWI's governance documentation and information on the board, board committees and CEO.
AWI’s organisational culture and guiding values