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AWEX EMI 1160 -10
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Micron 19 1427 -19
Micron 20 1359 -19
Micron 21 1322 -30
Micron 22 1286 -
Micron 23 1268 +15
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Micron 25 738n +7
Micron 26 585 +17
Micron 28 395 +5
Micron 30 345 -
Micron 32 297 -5
MCar 729 -12
Shearer and Wool Handler Training
03 April 2023 - 05 April 2023
Boddington, WA

Our Wool Handling Workshops are designed for new entrants to the industry by providing entry level wool handling skills and create a pathway to obtaining ongoing employment. You will learn the skills needed to be employed as a wool handler and/or wool presser and once completed you may be employable as a wool handler.

Wool Handling Workshops are 3 day shed based, practical training taught by leading industry trainers. These courses are fully funded by Australian Wool Innovation and are offered at no cost to eligible participants.

  • Over 16 years of age - if under 17 years must provide a letter of guardianship
  • If still at school, must be planning to leave school in the next 2-3 months and have a contracting team or work lined up

You will learn about a range of skills such as handling and preparing wool, wool pressing, shed hand skills, working as part of a team and understanding your role within a team. Throughout the course you will also be taught all aspects of wool handling, wool pressing & clip preparation to have a positive attitude towards all aspects of wool handling to prepare you to go straight into the industry as a wool handler.


22 July 2024 - 26 July 2024
Northampton WA 6244