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AWEX EMI 1142 -
Micron 17 1690 -
Micron 18 1522 +13
Micron 19 1418 +10
Micron 20 1352 +19
Micron 21 1306 +4
Micron 22 1290 +8
Micron 23 1224n -10
Micron 25 696 +8
Micron 26 509 -10
Micron 28 352 -
Micron 30 322 -8
Micron 32 292 +2
MCar 762 +2

Use the NWD to attract the highest price

All woolgrowers are being urged to complete the National Wool Declaration (NWD), as wool sold as Not Declared receives a discount across a broad range of microns. More than a quarter of wool sold at auction continues to be Not Declared and receives a discount. The NWD is easy to complete and provides transparency to the whole supply chain.

The National Wool Declaration (NWD) enables woolgrowers to communicate directly with prospective buyers, processors and retailers; and them to send key market feedback to woolgrowers.

Brands and retailers along the supply chain are sending clear messages to woolgrowers that they would very much like you to declare your husbandry practices through the NWD; it creates choice in the marketplace and they are sending price signals for it.

When a woolgrower completes the NWD, which currently is voluntary, the contents are converted for inclusion in sale catalogues and test certificates. With the market sending clear discounts for Not Declared wool during the past two and a half years, it is strongly encouraging all woolgrowers to complete the NWD, regardless of their sheep’s breed and wool type.

During the past two and half years, woolgrowers have also received premiums for wool declared as Non Mulesed (NM), Ceased Mules (CM), or Mulesed with Analgesic/Anaesthetic (AA), compared to wool that is declared as Mulesed (M) – see the table below. While the table shows averages over the selling years, if you do not mules and you mules with analgesic/anaesthetic, it would be highly likely to be financially advantageous for you to complete the NWD and declare your wool, rather than not complete the NWD.

Wool sold as Not Declared (ND) receives a Discount compared to wool that is declared as Mulesed (M). This is a greater issue for WA woolgrowers as their declaration rate is at 57.4%, that is 18.4 percentage points lower than all other states, which range from 75.8% to 85.2% wool declared, with Tasmania and Queensland having the highest declaration rates.

The message is clear, get out of the bottom 25%. To ensure your wool attracts the highest price possible, you need to ensure that your wool for auction is accompanied by an NWD.

More information:

For further advice on achieving Premiums for your wool, contact your wool broker.


Criteria for calculation of Premiums and Discounts (c/kg clean) for Mulesing Status:

  • Australian stored; Merino adult/weaners and crossbred fleece
  • >30 N/ktex, >60% Schlum Dry, <2.2 VMB, Styles 4/5, Good/light colour (incl. H1), P Certificate
  • Lengths according to diameter range: 70–95 mm (<18 µm), 75–99 mm (19–21 µm), 83–104 mm (22–24 µm), 90–110 mm (26–29 µm), 100–130 mm (30–34 µm)
  • Records per group (micron/NWD status) >2, empty cells when not enough data to generate a P or D.
  • Comparison with prices for wool declared as Mulesed.

Don't let your Declaration be wasted!

If you don’t sign and date your NWD, the Mulesing Status of your mobs/lines of wool will not be shown on the sale catalogue and test certificate. This can significantly reduce the number of buyers bidding on your wool, as well as the price you receive.

To ensure the Mulesing Status of your wool is known by potential buyers prior to sale, sign and date the NWD.

It is good practice for owner/managers to talk to the wool classer at the start of shearing to detail all mobs and to sign/date the declaration. Note, eSpecis can be electronically signed.

This article appeared in the March 2024 edition of AWI’s Beyond the Bale magazine. Reproduction of the article is encouraged.