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AWI launches next phase of WoolQ functionality

Today, AWI unveiled the next phase of its WoolQ online platform releasing three new features - the Industry Network Forum, My WoolQ and Ready Reckoner.

Launched in March 2018, WoolQ is Australia’s first online wool industry platform that allows woolgrowers and industry participants to easily harness digital efficiencies across the wool-growing and selling cycle.

WoolQ Project Sponsor Will Wilson said following the release of WoolQ’s three new tools, the platform now supports all stages of the wool-growing cycle – from planning, through to shearing, testing, appraising, analysing and reviewing.

“WoolQ has been designed to facilitate digital communication and exchange, enabling growers and industry participants to leverage new opportunities,” Mr Wilson highlighted.

“The Industry Network Forum has been created as an online meeting place where woolgrowers, classers, brokers and buyers can connect to share ideas, experiences and learnings.

“My WoolQ is an innovative tool that provides a central archive of growers’ clip information with simple comparative tools to see what’s happening from one season to the next. Broker integration is required to access the full suite of My WoolQ tools.”

The Ready Reckoner tool has two sections - Market Analysis and Market Results. ‘Market Analysis’ allows growers to get an instant estimate of the value of their clip from up-to-date market pricing while ‘Market Results’ allows growers to view recent sale prices to benchmark and evaluate their clip performance against similar wool in the market.

“As a secure platform that adheres to the highest security standards, WoolQ is future proofing the wool industry, creating opportunities, increasing efficiencies and securing the future of the industry,” Mr Wilson added.

Wool grower and WoolQ user Anna Cotton from Tasmania said her experience using WoolQ has been fantastic.

“WoolQ reduces the margin of error because the whole process is step-by-step. It also gives the broker or the buyer the ability to look at your profile while you’re shearing and to see what you’re uploading, without necessarily having to be on a visit,” Anna outlined.

“The broker or buyer could be sitting in the office in Sydney, Hong Kong or Italy – the opportunities are endless.

“It’s about educating and getting the growers into the 21st century. This is a no-brainer.”
District Wool Manager in South Australia, Stephanie Brooker-Jones highlighted WoolQ assists brokers in what we already do with our clients.

“My firm does a great job of consolidating information and doing reports, but if we can make it simpler, flow better and give growers access to it 24/7, that’s a fantastic development.” Ms Brooker-Jones said.

WoolQ can be accessed by any member of the wool industry, from woolgrowers to classers, through to brokers, buyers and industry associations. Users first need to register and set up their profile at

Wool Q is available to users anywhere, any time and can be accessed via mobile phones, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The WoolQ App is also available via Google Play Store or the IOS App store, which means users can still access and record critical information which will then sync automatically once they’re back in internet range.

To support users as they learn to adopt WoolQ, a customer assistance service is operating at, or 1800 070 099 and easy-to-follow video tutorials and user guides are also available on

For more information on WoolQ, visit

WoolQ. Delivering Digital Opportunities for the Wool Industry.

About WoolQ

The WoolQ portal, formerly known as The Wool Exchange Portal, allows the wool industry to embrace digital opportunities to achieve future growth and efficiency. The WoolQ name emerged from the concept of a Wool HQ - a digital headquarters for the Australian wool industry where information, data, selling choices and trading opportunities are visible and accessible in the one location to woolgrowers, their agents and other industry professionals in a single online destination. The final phase of development in the WoolQ platform is scheduled for release at the end of 2018. Called the ‘WoolQ Market’, it will offer tools that focus on the selling stages of the cycle.