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WA Muresk - Crutching School - March 25

25 March 2024 - 26 March 2024
Boyup Brook WA 6244

Our Crutching Schools are designed for learners to provide the basic skills of crutching and correct positioning. The aim is to create a pathway to obtaining ongoing employment in crutching and/or assist with grower needs for crutching during wool harvesting.

Novice Courses are 2 day live-in, shed based, practical training taught by leading industry trainers. These courses are fully funded by Australian Wool Innovation and are offered at no cost to eligible participants. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Over 16 years of age - if under 17 years must provide a letter of guardianship
  • If still at school, must be planning to leave school in the next 2-3 months and have a contracting team or work lined up or be from a farming family that has crutching requirements

Crutching Workshops are suitable for participants ranging from wool handlers looking to learn new skills in crutching & farm workers wanting to gain experience in crutching. Whilst we can take a new entrant that has no experience, priority is given to those working in the industry who have an opportunity for work.

You will learn about a range of skills such as handling sheep for crutching, requirements specific to crutching & using equipment such as grinding combs, cutters & setting up a handpiece and correct body positioning.


  • Location: Muresk Institute, Northam
  • Date: Monday March 25 - Tuesday March 26 
  • Trainers: Kevin Gellatly and Amanda Davis
To be considered as a participant for this Crutching School you must register.
To provide quality training this school has a maximum of 12 attendees and we often have twice as many apply. Therefore, registering does not guarantee you a place at the upcoming school. The purpose of this application is to screen for the most suitable trainees for each course. You will be contacted by the AWI Training Coordinator to advise if you have been accepted.
Crutching School Muresk 2024.jpg


15 June 2024 - 15 June 2024
Muresk Road Northam WA 6401
22 July 2024 - 26 July 2024
Northampton WA 6244