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27.03.2020 Source: AWEX
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Training Resources
Shearers and woolhandlers are central to the success of the Australian wool industry and the proficiency and expertise of shearers and woolhandlers is an important focus for the industry.

Providing free training for novice, improver and professional shearers and woolhandlers we work to promote best practise in wool harvesting through our regional coaching program and extensive training resources.

Since 2015, we have facilitated close to 4000 shearer and wool handler training days to 17,000 people, delivered through AWI-funded programs.

Stand and Deliver - Shear-Jitsu training videos

Shear-Jitsu a shearing technique developed by Pera Davies. After suffering a number of back injuries Pera began incorporating the technique of Ju-Jitsu – a form of martial arts – with his shearing and found that this prevented shearing injuries, especially with the catch-and-drag movement.



Shear-Jitsu combines martial arts with shearing and is about health, wellbeing and longevity.


Injury Awareness

For shearers, the main injury-prone area of the spine is the lumbar. This video explains the movements that puts shearers at risk of injuring the lumbar spine and details options for treatment.


Time Management Plan

This video details the best time management practises for shearers as well as injury prevention exercises and benefits.


Catching Pen Dynamics

This video details the catching pen dynamics for shearers. The video explains best practise catch and drag techniques to avoid injuries.

Training Resources

AWI works on behalf of the wool industry to fund training for improver/professional shearers and wool handlers, and improve delivery of all funded training to novices and learners.

We have produced the following series of training videos to help advance the skills of novice, improver and professional shearers and woolhandlers. Good training is essential for new and experienced people working in shearing sheds. The aim of these videos is to promote better techniques and improve clip preparation practices in the industry.

The videos cover all aspects of wool harvesting and are a complete reference guide for shearers, woolhandlers and shed hands, woolgrowers, instructors and students working in various areas of wool harvesting.

Packed with tips, hints and practical advice, the videos include interviews with experienced shearers, woolhandlers and wool classers.

Summary AWI works on behalf of the wool industry to fund training for improver/professional shearers and wool handlers, and improve delivery of all funded training to novices and learners.

Wool handlers and shearers are trained to a nationwide standard, with trainer providers. Trainers use assessment tools to assist in collection of evidence that proves competencies in the Agriculture, Conservation and Land Management, and Horticulture (ACH10) national training package. Assessment tools comply with the ACH10 training package for Shearing and Wool Handling.

AHC10 Assessment Tools


Pillar posters for the woolshed

Pillar Posters - order a free set of the three Pillar Posters for your own shed:

Code of conduct woolshed poster

  • Call the AWI Helpline on 1800 070 099 for a free A2 size poster
  • Download (PDF 173Kb)



Further Information

The videos are also available to shearers, wool handlers, trainers and woolgrowers from AWI on a free USB by calling AWI on 1800 070 099



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