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17.01.2020 Source: AWEX
Micron 17 2082 +93
Micron 18 1930 +67
Micron 19 1838 +49
Micron 20 1803 +32
Micron 21 1783 +14
Micron 26 1166 +2
Micron 28 865 -48
Micron 30 711 -18
MCar 1089 +38

Bushfires - Livestock Safety and Recovery

Information about bushfire preparation and recovery for livestock.


Emergency Livestock Safety During Bushfires

  • Hold livestock in large irrigated, heavily grazed or ploughed paddocks
  • Hold livestock in large, clear stockyards, laneways or holding yards
  • Move livestock to paddocks with large dams and earth mounded on the fire facing sides
  • Secure gates open for connected paddocks
  • Ensure access to ample water
  • Clear fire breaks around livestock holding areas
  • Ensure your Property Identification Code (PIC) is up to date

(Above information sourced from NSW DPI, Country Fire Authority, PIRSA and adapted by AWI)


State Based Bushfire Assistance

Livestock Assistance
Mental Health Support
Livestock Assistance
Mental Health Support 
Livestock Assistance
Mental Health Support


Classing Tips - For Fire Affected Wool


The Yarn: Bushfires: Emergency Livestock Safety and Recovery

Catastrophic fire conditions across the nation have put emergency livestock management into sharp focus. Qualified veterinarian and AWI General Manager of Research, Dr Jane Littlejohn, offers immediate advice to those who have been affected.

Listen to The Yarn

Livestock Safety During Bushfires

Guidance prepared by PIRSA about how to ensure the safety of your livestock during bushfires. Whilst caring for livestock and other animals before and after a bushfire is essential, personal safety should be considered as a first priority on all occasions.

Be sure to get your Bushfire Survival Plan up to date and to hand.

Download PDF


Recovery After Natural Disaster

South Australian farmers Troy and Nette Fisher discuss the loss of stock and pastures in a devastating bushfire and their subsequent recovery and rebuild at the Best Wool Best Lamb Conference 2018.


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