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Measuring performance

Performance evaluation is critical to AWI's ability to deliver, effectively and continuously, benefits to AWI shareholders and the many AWI stakeholders from farm to retailed garment.

AWI is committed to providing quantifiable returns on government and industry investment, and has instituted a detailed system for assessment of investment returns. This system reflects the unique technical and marketing contexts within which AWI operates, and our obligations to critical stakeholders such as the Australian government.

Over the 2010/11-2012/13 Strategic Planning period, AWI substantially upgraded its internal and external processes for monitoring and evaluation, including development of a company-wide Monitoring and Evaluation Framework in 2011.

To provide the specific operational detail, AWI developed in 2011 a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework (PDF 393Kb) that addresses the unique technical and marketing contexts in which AWI operates, and which meets the needs of critical stakeholders, such as the Federal Government.

This Framework is based on the principle of continuous improvement and refinement, and reflecting the evolving needs of AWI and the greater industry we serve, is updated on a periodic basis. View the 2013/14 Framework Update (PDF 710Kb).

Monitoring and Evaluation was a defined Program investment area within the AWI 2013/14-2015/16 Strategic Plan (Strategy 10: Program 2, page 106). Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation is a defined Program investment area within the AWI 2016/17-2018/19 Strategic Plan (Corporate Services Strategy: Evaluation Services Program, page 93).

Completed reviews of AWI investment programs

AWI has completed a number of reviews of completed investment programs, through an external consultancy with specialist expertise in wool textile evaluations - BDA Economics and Environment Pty. Ltd.

The reviews completed to-date are listed below.

On-farm R&D:

Post-farm R&D:


In September 2015 AWI CEO Stuart McCullough convened an evaluation group to, by April 2016, determine the return to Australian woolgrowers from all investments made by the company over the 2013-16 Strategic Planning period. This report, available below, was overseen by an independent economist.