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Measuring performance

Measuring and evaluating our performance is part of how AWI operates and allows the company to quantify how it is delivering for woolgrowers by enhancing the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry and increasing demand and market access for Australian wool.

Providing quantifiable returns on industry and government investment enables organisational transparency and engagement with woolgrowers. Recognising the diverse portfolio of activities AWI undertakes, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) helps ensure obligations to woolgrowers.

AWI’s Four Value Drivers to Deliver RoFAM.

AWI undertakes a broad range of projects to deliver value to woolgrowers. M&E provides a framework to track performance to ensure operational activities continue to deliver value to woolgrowers.

AWI’s goal is to increase the profitability and support the sustainability of Australian wool industry through strategically targeted investments in research, development and marketing designed to optimise return on investment.

Acting as a high-level measure of the performance of the wool industry, Return on Farm Assets Managed (RoFAM), enables the comparison of wool enterprises with other agricultural and business pursuits – “Am I getting the best use from my land?”

RoFAM is impacted by a number of uncontrollable external factors including weather, trade policy, inflation and macroeconomics, to name a few, all AWI projects aim to increase RoFAM.

RoFAM can be impacted by either the reduction in cost of production or increased farm gate income. These two factors combine to generate greater operating farm gate profits – the goal of AWI.

AWI pursues this by impacting Four Value Drivers – increasing (1) productivity and (2) efficiency across the supply chain or by increasing (3) demand and (4) price. AWI’s portfolio of projects from Marketing to R&D aim to engage one of the drivers to deliver benefit to woolgrowers.

AWI implements a strategic logic to ensure that projects pursued engage one of AWI’s Four Value Drivers. By successfully delivering projects, AWI will deliver value to woolgrowers and stakeholders.

2019 Monitoring & Evaluation Overview

This overview outlines the framework for embedding M&E within AWI. Coupled with new internal mechanisms, this will enable effective, regular and robust reporting of benefits to woolgrowers.

2019 Monitoring & Evaluation Framework