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17.09.2021 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1352 -9
Micron 17 2461 -18
Micron 18 2088 +20
Micron 19 1665 -8
Micron 20 1337 -12
Micron 21 1258 -6
Micron 26 791 -13
Micron 28 455 -15
Micron 30 363 -12
Micron 32 255 -20
MCar 882 -9
Measuring Performance
Performance measurement is one of the fundamental management functions. Measuring and evaluating (M&E) our performance is part of how AWI operates and allows the company to quantify how it is delivering for woolgrowers by enhancing the profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian wool industry and increasing demand and market access for Australian wool.

Providing quantifiable returns on industry and government investment enables organisational accountability, transparency, and engagement with woolgrowers. Recognising the diverse portfolio of activities AWI undertakes, monitoring and evaluation helps ensure obligations to woolgrowers.

How we Measure Performance

Monitoring and evaluation are separate practices dedicated to the assessment of AWI’s overall performance. Monitoring is a systematic process of gathering, measuring and analysing information regarding the progress made by implemented projects. Evaluation is time specific and it is performed to assess whether a project has reached its goals and achieved the expected outcome.

The overall performance of AWI is measured through the achievement 3-year strategic and Annual Operating plan targets. The measurement of those targets highlighted in the strategic and operating plans are performed at program level. It comprises measuring the actual performance outcomes or results against its intended goals.

Key Measurement and Evaluation Documents

The M&E unit has produced key documents that serve as essential building blocks towards measurement of performance. The three documents highlighted below are M&E overview, M&E roadmap and 2019/20 performance report.

M&E Overview

AWI implements a strategic logic to ensure that projects pursued engage one of AWI’s Four Value Drivers. By successfully delivering projects, AWI will deliver value to woolgrowers and stakeholders.

This overview outlines the framework for embedding M&E within AWI. Coupled with new internal mechanisms, this will enable effective, regular, and robust reporting of benefits to woolgrowers.


M&E Roadmap

The roadmap depicts the process of progression of M&E systems and process. It details the journey of what we have accomplished, the ongoing initiatives and next steps moving forward.

Through this roadmap we will be able to clearly stipulate what activities needs to be accomplished to reach our overall goal of creating a robust M&E system that embeds the ideal of continuous improvement.


2019/2020 Performance Report

This document provides a high-level summary of AWI’s investments and is a companion to AWI’s Annual Report 2019/20. Information provided here is not exhaustive and is meant as an indicative representation of what AWI has done on behalf of Australian woolgrowers over the past year. This was the first step in investing under the new 1.5% levy rate to continue to deliver benefits to Australian woolgrowers.

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