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28.01.2022 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1407 +15
Micron 17 2585n +50
Micron 18 2143 +9
Micron 19 1729 +19
Micron 20 1431 +9
Micron 21 1352 +6
Micron 22 1331n -
Micron 25 902n +13
Micron 26 732 +10
Micron 28 422 +7
Micron 30 365 +2
Micron 32 250n +10
MCar 952 +3
Beyond The Bale - December Issue Out Now

Understanding chemical resistance and the role that an integrated pest management approach plays in flystrike management; Merino Sire Evaluation; Lifetime Ewe Management; ... and much more.

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AWI Annual Report and AGM

View a recording of AWI’s 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was held as a virtual meeting on 19 November.

Watch the AWI Review of Performance and Finance Webinar
Watch AWI's Review of Performance and Finance Webinar recording from October 14, 2021.
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Modular sheep delivery unit to eliminate catch and drag

As part of a new AWI project, a mechanical system is under development that delivers the sheep to the shearer, thereby reducing the catch and drag.

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AWI on-farm R&D for broad wool growers

Most of AWI’s on-farm R&D and extension investments benefit producers of broad wool just as much as producers of Merino wool.

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Wool and Sheepmeat Survey

The Wool and Sheepmeat Survey is now live. AWI and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) jointly conduct the tri-annual wool and sheepmeat survey.

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In the Shops – Spring/Summer 2021

AWI has compiled this special preview of some wool products that will be available from Australian brands this season. Discount offers are available on selected products, exclusively for Australian woolgrowers. There are many other wool products available from these brands. Take a look around their stores and websites – and happy shopping...

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AWI Review Of Performance Shows Notable Improvement

The latest independent review of performance conducted on Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) has found it is meeting its requirements for Governance, Collaboration and Research, Development and Extension.

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Sheep health challenges in wet conditions

Wet seasonal conditions can bring on several health challenges for sheep. This article provides woolgrowers with advice on sheep health issues including scouring and worms, flystrike, footrot, clostridial diseases and more during wet conditions.


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Wool 2030 Strategy

Wool 2030 Strategy – Australian Wool: the world’s premium sustainable fibre is the result of collaboration across the length and breadth of the industry.

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SafeSheds - The Shearing Shed Safety Program

Making the wool harvesting workplace safer for all. Best practice guide and self-assessment tools to provide an understanding of safety risks and options to mitigate those risks.

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Woolgrowers & COVID-19

As COVID-19 spreads throughout Australia, woolgrowers should be proactive and put plans in place to ensure that their farming operations, staff and contractors, family and friends are as protected as possible.

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Drought Resources

AWI has a range of drought planning, management and recovery resources available for woolgrowers going into, enduring and recovering from drought.

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AWEX EMI 28/01/2022
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Episode 210

Wearable Tech: keeping shearers shearing

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After many hours of trials in sheds thanks to shearers and researchers alike, being able to detect muscle fatigue and therefore prevent injury is getting much closer. Hear the latest on this innovative approach to prolonging shearer’s careers, improving shearer training as well as the latest new handpiece design.

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Woolmark Optim WR Jacket

Woolmark Optim WR Jacket

The Woolmark Optim WR Jacket has been produced especially for woolgrowers, to enable wool levy payers to experience the benefits of Merino wool in an innovative way. The unique, high performance fabric is wind and water resistant and made from 100 per cent Australian Merino wool.

Available for purchase online in six different colour combinations, the Woolmark Optim WR Jacket is just $185 for wool levy payers.

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