Wool Selling Systems Review - Have Your Say

Access information about the Wool Selling Systems Review and its Issues Paper. Submissions to the Review Panel are encouraged.

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The relative performance of commonly used Merino bloodlines has been updated with the 2014 analysis of 22 wether trials conducted between 2004 and 2014.

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AWI Drought Resources

AWI has a range of drought planning, management and recovery resources available for woolgrowers going into, enduring and recovering from drought.

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Beyond The Bale - New Issue Out Now

From farm to fashion, the latest issue reports on initiatives to increase the on-farm profitability of Australian woolgrowers and increase the demand for Australian wool.

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Lifetime Ewe Management App available free

AWI has developed and launched an LTEM iPhone app which is available free from the App Store.

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Innovations making producers' lives easier

Through the pastoral wool producer network Bestprac, AWI has worked with a range of pastoralists to profile their innovative ideas and solutions.

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Shearer and shedhand training improves quality

The benefits of extensive training have now been quantified through a cost-benefit analysis of AWI's investment in shearer and woolhandler training.

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AWI Wild Dog Control Initiatives

AWI invests in initiatives to combat the significant negative impact that wild dogs have on sheep flocks.

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AWI's on-farm and off-farm videos

AWI's dedicated videography team produces a wide range of educational and inspirational videos, ranging from on-farm practices to marketing Australian wool.

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Market Intelligence

Sale date 26/02/2015
AWEX EMI 1088 -2
17 1327 +1
18 1296 -5
19 1201 -3
20 1163 -5
21 1162 -4
22 1158 -5
23 1148 -4
28 814 +4
32 693 +6
Mer Card 919 +2
Source: AWEX
AWEX - EMI monthly average
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About AWI

Australian Wool Innovation is a not-for-profit company owned by more than 27,000 Australian woolgrowers.
AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool.