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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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09.12.2022 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1278 +54
Micron 17 2177n +112
Micron 18 1862 +125
Micron 19 1605 +72
Micron 20 1489 +107
Micron 21 1407 +111
Micron 22 1278n +53
Micron 26 625n +5
Micron 28 353 +23
Micron 30 310 +12
Micron 32 242n -13
MCar 852 -12

With the growing consumer trend for sustainable, environmentally conscious products, new processes for wool in the supply chain need to be continually researched.

Developing innovative products or processes for Australian wool can be achieved in two ways: either led by AWI/The Woolmark Company’s in-house technical team or working directly with brands.

This first way involves AWI-led processing innovations working their way up throughout the supply chain and collaborating with partners such as spinners, knitters, weavers, dye houses, printers and machinery suppliers to explore new opportunities for wool production, processes and treatments.

Current developments in partnership with the supply chain include:


Zero-waste garment construction (seamless, flat-knit seamless, whole garment).


Wool fur - innovative knit structures allow for a natural and renewable alternative to animal skin / hide.


No-sew seaming.


Efficiencies in digital printing including double-sided printing for yarn, fabric and garments.

Other developments include using natural dyes and waterless dye processes to reduce the environmental impact of traditional dyeing processes. 

These developments aim to increase the demand and price of Australian wool whist also lowering the cost of production to improve efficiency within the supply chain.


Seamless Merino wool apparel encourages greater structure diversity and comfort along with enhanced protection.

The second way to innovate with wool includes collaborating with brands on innovative products. This allows for AWI to then connect these brands back through our supply chain partners.

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