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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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17.01.2020 Source: AWEX
Micron 17 2082 +93
Micron 18 1930 +67
Micron 19 1838 +49
Micron 20 1803 +32
Micron 21 1783 +14
Micron 26 1166 +2
Micron 28 865 -48
Micron 30 711 -18
MCar 1089 +38
Supply Chain

AWI’s Processing Innovation & Education Extension team invests in the research and development of product and processing innovations throughout the supply chain.

Its key objective is to increase the profitability and sustainability of the wool processing and manufacturing supply chain and educate students, trade and retailers about the benefits of Australian wool. Developing innovative ways to work with wool can be a achieved in two ways, either by AWI's in-house technical team, or by collaborating with supply chain partners including machinery suppliers. AWI also invests in the education of students, the trade and retailers on the characteristics of the wool fibre and the many possibilities of production and end use of Australian wool products and processes.

In this section
Processing Innovation
By working with industry partners AWI will ensure Australian wool remains a leading, progressive fibre for consideration by manufacturers, designers and brands.
Education Extension
Student, trade and retail education will not only inspire those entering the industry but also ensures the industry is kept informed of leading technologies and processes.
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