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24.03.2023 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1318 +1
Micron 17 2358n +40
Micron 18 1928 -9
Micron 19 1641 +15
Micron 20 1523 +55
Micron 21 1434 +23
Micron 22 1376n -
Micron 26 572n +4
Micron 28 352 -5
Micron 30 320 -2
Micron 32 258n +3
MCar 888 -22

WA Esperance - Improver Shearing School – February 2023

Our Improver Shearing Schools are designed for existing and working learner shearers to further their skills and develop to a professional level. These schools are suitable for learner shearers who have undertaken a Novice Course or have received in-shed training, have their own handpiece and have their AWI Learner toolkit .

This Improver Shearing School is 5 days, shed based, practical training taught by a leading industry trainer. These courses are fully funded by Australian Wool Innovation and are offered at no cost to eligible participants. These are a paid improver shearing school, so it is a fully paid job as per a normal working day.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Over 16 years of age - if under 17 years must provide a letter of guardianship
  • Must already be working as a learner shearer
  • Must have own handpiece and drivers license / vehicle (be eligible for the AWI Learner toolkit)

You will learn the skills needed to competently shear sheep, the techniques and positions for shearing including management of combs & cutters and the hand piece, maintaining your health & wellbeing for the shearing industry & financial budgeting for seasonal workers.

The aim for you upon completion of the course is to be a learner/improver shearer who can shear a minimum of 120 adult merino sheep or 140 adult crossbred sheep per day to an acceptable industry standard.

13 February 2023 - 17 February 2023
Esperance, WA
WA Boddington – Wool Handling Workshop – April 2023
03 April 2023 - 05 April 2023
Boddington, WA
WA Boddington – Wool Handling Workshop – April 2023
03 April 2023 - 05 April 2023
Boddington, WA
WA Boddington - Improver Shearing School – February 2023
03 April 2023 - 05 April 2023
Boddington, WA