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An innovation hub for the woolgrowers of Australia

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02.04.2020 Source: AWEX
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Australian Wool Innovation works to support the growth and development of the Australian wool industry by providing skills training, educational resources and programs, leadership initiatives and practical workshops for woolgrowers and wool industry professionals.

Through our state-based woolgrower networks and collaboration with industry experts and organisations, we provide support and opportunities to the stakeholders in the industry, from established woolgrowers and shearers to the next generation, to enhance their expertise and adoption of innovation.

In this section
Woolgrowers & COVID-19
As COVID-19 spreads throughout Australia, woolgrowers should be proactive and put plans in place to ensure that their farming operations, staff and contractors, family and friends are as protected as possible.
Grower Networks
We have community-based education groups in each wool growing state are open to all local woolgrowers. These grower networks are fundamental to the spread of new ideas, continuing education and the adoption of best practice.
Education and Leadership
We support scholarships and training opportunities to promote new knowledge, innovative practises, personal growth and the leadership skills needed for the wool industry to continue to adapt and innovate.
Shearing and Woolhandling
We work with industry organisations and contractors and invest in regional coaching programs which are fundamental to education and the adoption of best practice.
Shearing Sheds and Sheep Yards
The design of shearing sheds and sheep yards affects the efficiency of sheep work as well as the health and wellbeing of both people and sheep.
National Wool Research, Development and Extension Strategy
The National Wool Research, Development and Extension Strategy outlines the priority objectives for the wool industry over the next 20 years and the technologies, products, tools and delivery methods required or desired to achieve the objectives.
Drought Resources
AWI has a range of drought planning, management and recovery resources available for woolgrowers going into, enduring and recovering from drought.
Call For Proposals
AWI welcomes project proposals from organisations that will assist it to meet it's objectives as set out in the strategic plan.