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Regional Training Contacts

Shearing trainer demonstrating shearing techniques.

AWI provides free training for novice, improver and professional shearers and wool handlers.

The AWI Shearer and Wool Handler Training Program aims to:

  1. Attract and train new workers into the Australian wool harvesting industry.
  2. Build the capacity of existing staff through improved work practices (shearing speed and quality), longevity in the workforce and reduced injury levels, and increased tallies through improved shearing technique to produce a cleaner shearing with reduced body strain.
  3. Improve returns to Australian woolgrowers through improved wool preparation, wool harvesting skills and contamination awareness.
  4. Improve the value and quality of the wool clip.
  5. Promote shearing and wool handling as an attractive profession.

Diagram of the structure of Shearer and Wool Handler training in Australia.

Training focuses on skills development and increased productivity for shearers and wool handlers.

The core training delivery areas are:

  1. In-Shed Coaching for Shearers.
  2. In-Shed Coaching for Wool Handlers.
  3. Novice/Improver Shearer and Wool Handling Workshops.
  4. Crutching Schools - aimed at shearers and woolgrowers to improve productivity and to roll out the improvements in techniques.
  5. Shearing Industry Vocational Education and Training in Schools (SIVETS) - to give high school students the opportunity to learn and experience practical aspects of the wool harvesting industry.

Further Information

To arrange training, phone the AWI helpline on 1800 SHEARS (1800 743 277) to make contact with a training organisation in your local area