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Innovations & New Technology

AWI invests in research into alternative wool harvesting technology to improve workplace safety, boost clip quality and encourage new entrants into the industry.

Innovative Shearing Industry Technologies

The Peak Hill Industries ShearEzy shearing system is a successful alternative to "on the board" shearing that eliminates the need to catch and drag sheep. The ShearEzy provides the shearer with a comfortable, "stand up," working environment and meets the highest standards in wool preparation and shearer safety technology.
The ShearEzy is a product of AWI investment in Upright Posture Shearing Platform (UPSP) technologies. The product became commercially available in late 2007, with the most recent version released in June 2012. ShearEzy benefits include:

  • Reduced physical effort and strain from shearing.
  • Can be more productive than "on the board" shearing, especially for the novice or average shearer.
  • Simpler blow patterns and effective animal restraints.
  • Easy separation of crutchings and lower quality wools.
  • Other animal husbandry tasks may done as part of the shearing process.
  • Large sheep and rams are easily and safely handled without sedation. ShearEzyis an air-operated system, consisting of a shearing platform with an integrated parallel sheep loader. Sheep walk into the loader on an inclined, non-backup ramp and are confined until ready to be shorn.
Shearing sheep with an Upright Posture Shearing Platform (UPSP).

The loader clamps the sheep then tilts and inverts the sheep placing it on the platform. The sheep can be crutched in this restrained position then released from the clamp.

To shear the sheep, the rear legs are restrained as the sheep lies horizontal between the hinged up wings of the platform.  Rotating leg restraints and the hinged wings allow the shearer to mechanically manipulate the sheep to each desired position through the shearing process. Optimal flat surfaces for the shearer allow long continuous blows around most of the body of the sheep.
Heiniger EVO anti-lock technology attached to a balanced boom and flexible drive improves safety and productivity.

New features of the 2012 version of ShearEzy include:

  • Reduced height and overall length.
  • Better sheep flow due to sheep entering the machine at a lower level.
  • Fleece removal from the side where the sheep is shorn, reducing space requirements.
  • More adjustments both for the size of sheep and the operator.
  • The main ShearEzy can be unit can be reduced to 1.8 metres long and 1.2 metres wide and is fitted with large solid rubber wheels to make it easy to move about, and roll onto a ute or trailer.
  • A price reduction to $15,100 plus GST ex the factory. This includes the shearing plant and stand, and the non-backup ramp. An eight cubic foot per minute air compressor and handpiece are also required.

Further Information

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