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Shed Safety Signage Kit

AWI is making available a shed safety signage kit for woolsheds, which includes 36 safety signs (22 different signs).

The signs are printed on UV-stabilised polypropylene for durability, with pre-drilled holes for easy installation. The kit also includes guidance notes to assist in the proper location and installation of these signs.

Developed and produced by the WA Shearing Industry Association (WASIA), with support from AWI, the kit meets legislative requirements in ALL states.

  Safety Signs in the kit

The signs included in the kit are:

  • Exit
  • Emergency Assembly Point
  • Emergency Contact and Evacuation Map
  • Authorised Entry Only – Visitors Report to Shed Supervisor / Children Must be Supervised
  • Barrier Required When Not Loading
  • Warning – Wool Press Operating
  • How to Avoid Workplace Injuries & Improve Team Efficiency
  • Mind Your Head
  • Watch Your Step
  • Caution Slippery When Wet
  • Keep Clear
  • First Aid
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • No Smoking
  • No Food or Drink in this Area
  • Do Not Drink
  • Substantial Footwear Required/ No Bare Feet
  • Eye and Hearing Protection Must be Worn in This Area
  • Male and Female Toilet(s)
  • Emergency Stop (for overhead driveshaft shearing plant)
  • Do Not Start (for use to “isolate” faulty equipment in the workplace, such as un-guarded grinders)


These signs meet Australian Standards and legislative requirements in all Australian states and will help woolgrowers meet occupational health and safety obligations.

AWI has sponsored the development and production of the kit and is making it available to woolgrowers at the handling and postage cost of $25 (including GST) per kit.

The Shed Safety signage kit is only available for delivery within Australia.

How to order and pay:

Please click here to order and pay.

Payment service for the Shed Safety Signage kit is currently not operational. Please check back shortly.

Further Information

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