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Shearing and Wool Handling Competition Support

Spectators watching an AWI supported shearing competition at Wagin Woolarama, WA

The AWI Shearing Industry Program supports local and regional Shearing and Wool Handling Competitions across Australia.

These competitions promote excellence and professionalism within the Australian shearing industry and encourage young people to join the industry.

AWI committed $210,000 to shearing and wool handling competition from 2011-2013. Since September 2011, 47 AWI-supported competitions have been run across Australia to:

  • Raise the profile and status of the Shearing Industry through local and regional level competition and skill development.
  • Raise the profile and status of the Shearing Industry through local and regional level competition and skill development.
  • Identify local and regional shearing and wool handling "champions" in the shearing industry.
  • Record and promote the results of local and regional shearing and wool handling competitions.

Apply for AWI Support

AWI support is primarily for Learner and Novice shearer and wool handler events. AWI support covers entry fees to encourage Learner and Novice shearers to enter the competitions.

Successful applicants agree to the following conditions:

  1. Submit a competition report (in electronic format via email) to AWI after the Competition/s with:
    1. A copy of the Competition program/s.
    2. A general description of the conduct of the Competition/s.
    3. A list containing the number and names of all competitors and the town or locality they come from (NB: NOT full address). Highlight the area of influence of the Competition(s).
    4. Competition results (including placings) for each event.
  2. Supply electronic copies of least 15 digital photos of the Competition/s ("Competition Images") that:
    • Are at least 300dpi.
    • Are at least 4000 pixels on the longest side.
    • Are in .jpg file format.
    • Can be used by AWI without restriction to promote Shearing and Wool Handling competitions.
  3. The Competition Images will show (at least):
    • Winner/s and placegetters in each event.
    • "Action" shots demonstrating the skill and speed of competitors in action in the competition.
    • Attempt to include some action shots of the winners (anticipated) in action during the Competition/s.
  4. Use AWI-branded Pen Door Cards, provided by AWI (on or immediately adjacent to) each pen door.
  5. Increase the prize money for the Learner shearing event to significantly raise the event profile and attractiveness to Learner shearers.
  6. Prominently position the AWI logo or Shearing and Wool Handling training advertisement (as provided by AWI) in the program/show book.


Further Information

AWI Support for Local or Regional Shearing or Wool Handling Competitions - to apply for AWI support for your competition, complete the data collection form.

If you are experiencing any issues with submitting the form, please save the form and email directly to