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Protect your flock this summer

With the warm summer months upon us the risk of flystrike is increased, so now is the time to be vigilant in monitoring your sheep for flystrike.

Managing your flock

Ongoing management and monitoring of the health and welfare of your flock is of heightened importance with some growers reporting decreased duration of protection provided by chemical flystrike treatments with observed resistance in some strains of blowflies.

It is important to note these reports are still uncommon, but woolgrowers should closely monitor their flocks following treatment for flystrike during the high-risk flystrike season and consider their environment and their own management practices with respect to the risk to their flock.

Trials are underway

AWI, in collaboration with NSW Department of Primary Industries, is undertaking trials to investigate these reports and we anticipate preliminary results will be available in early 2019.

Further information on managing the health and welfare of your flock during the high-risk flystrike season: