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Sheep Health

Maintaining healthy, productive sheep for Australian woolgrowers is a foundation of AWI's long-term strategy.

AWI is at the forefront of research to prevent and treat flystrike, lice, worms and infectious diseases in sheep. Research is delivering practical tools to protect sheep from these major health and welfare threats.

From uncovering better methods for tackling parasites through to managing plans to counter the threat of exotic emergency animal diseases, the adoption of new technologies and practices developed by AWI indicates our commitment to animal health.

Parasites are affecting your productivity, want to know how you can help?

Sheep producers are being urged to participate in the Australian Sheep Parasite Control Survey that could change the way the industry manages parasites such as worms, flies and lice. A survey of this type has not been performed since 2011 and sheep producers now have the opportunity to influence the future of parasite management, research and extension.

The survey, now open, should take about 30 minutes. Every effort has been made to keep the questions as short and meaningful as possible. The survey is aimed at any sheep producer with 100 sheep or more.

For your ease of use, please complete the survey on a computer or laptop rather than a tablet or mobile device.

You can answer as many or as few questions as you can spare time for. It is not necessary to consult your farm records but having your stock book handy or your computer records open will make the process quicker for you.

The link below will take you to the online survey. It can only be used once, so don’t click on the link until you are ready to fill in the survey.

If you have queries, please contact Dr. Alison Colvin or Professor Stephen Walkden-Brown

Do you know what insecticides are effective against the blowflies and/or lice on your sheep?

Take advantage of FREE insecticide resistance testing, available now, to determine the most cost effective ecto-parasite treatments for your property.

This jointly funded AWI and NSW DPI project aims to determine the insecticide resistance profiles of blowflies and lice across all wool producing states. It is also gathering baseline data on newer chemicals for future reference. By participating in the research and providing maggot and/or lice samples, you'll receive feedback on which chemical groups are most effective for your flock.

For more information on how to submit click here.