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Visual Sheep Scores

Visual Sheep Scores guide

In 2007, AWI and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) developed Visual Sheep Scores to provide the sheep industry with a standardised set of visual assessment scores for all breeds of sheep.

Consistent Visual Sheep Scores, recorded and submitted by sheep breeders and classers to Sheep Genetics, made it possible to develop MERINOSELECT Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) for visually assessed traits.

A 2012 update aligned the Visual Sheep Scores with current industry requirements. The following traits are included in the Commercial version of the Visual Sheep Scores guide. A separate Researcher version is also available with an extended range of traits.

Wool Quality Conformation Breech 
Fleece rot

Wool colour

Wool character

Dust penetration

Staple weathering

Staple structure

Fibre pigmentation

Non-fibre pigmentation

Recessive black

Random spot



Face cover

Body wrinkle
Breech cover

Crutch cover

Breech wrinkle


Urine Stain

Further Information

Visual Sheep Scores guide