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The Australian sheep industry is entering an era where the use of gene marking technology (genomics) has the potential to deliver benefits to Merino breeders.

Genomics offers some benefits for the assessment of hard-to-measure traits like adult or lifetime fleece weight, worm resistance, staple strength and fertility. Traits are hard to measure either because they can only be carried out later in life or are expensive to measure with sufficient accuracy.

Initial tests for pedigree, and horn/poll traits have been released.

Sheep Genetics is piloting studies of the benefits of genomic-enhanced ASBVs.

The Sheep CRC is developing SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms - pronounced 'snip') technology, which offers additional benefits to breeders at lower prices than the current microsatellite technology. Sheep Genetics delivers SNP technology to breeders.

DNA double helix.

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