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Dohne Merino

DOHNE MERINO is the national genetic information and benchmarking service for the Dohne Merino breed. The database uses the same structure as MERINOSELECT and is managed by Sheep Genetics.

A Dohne ASBV describes the expected performance of a Dohne’s progeny for a trait relative to the performance of all Registered Australian Dohne ram breeding flocks.

Dohne ram breeders produce ASBVs for major measured performance traits including:

  • number of lambs weaned
  • maternal weaning weight
  • live weight
  • muscle depth
  • fat depth
  • fleece weight
  • fibre diameter
  • coefficient of variation of fibre diameter.

Sheep Genetics also reports two standard indices for the DOHNE MERINO analysis; the Dohne Base index and the Dohne Plus index. Both indices were developed in conjunction with the Australian Dohne Breeders Association (ADBA), as well as using feedback from Dohne breeders to identify economic breeding objectives in commercial Dohne flocks.


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