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DNA Tests

A number of DNA tests are now available to sheep breeders that can assist them in making decisions concerning breeding and selection within their sheep enterprises.

These include:

Poll (PDF 760KB) which allows producers to determine whether the progeny from a particular ram is more or less likely to have horns when mated to ewes with different genotypes.

Parentage (PDF 792 KB)can determine whether particular animals are the likely parents of a particular animal. The performance of ancestors can provide improved predictability of a young animal’s productivity up until that animal’s own progeny are assessed.

Genomics to improve the prediction of estimated breeding values particularly of young animals without tested progeny and for “hard-to-measure traits”.

Flock Profile which allows commercial Merino breeders to profile the genetic merit of their flock and compare this to the Sheep Genetics database.

Visit the SheepDNA website to order blood cards or tissue sampling units and protocols.

DNA double helix.

Further Information

  • Visit the Sheep CRC website for more information on the range of DNA tests available to sheep producers.
  • Sheep Genetics provides practical information for Australian Merino breeders and wool growers on the genetic potential of their sheep.
  • Genomic Research Breeding Value averages and distributions are available from the Sheep Genetics website
  • Enquiries relating to DNA testing can be directed to the DNA Processing Office on 02 6773 3466 or by emailing