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EverGraze regional packages now available

For the first time, the results and recommendations from EverGraze research have been presented as regionally relevant information packages to help producers across the high rainfall zone of southern Australia manage their pasture and livestock systems.

The information quantifies the productivity, economic, environment, risk and lifestyle impacts of implementing changes on farm.

The regional packages are available on the new EverGraze website ( and are a fitting legacy from the research carried out across six large-scale farm systems research sites (Proof Sites) and more than 60 on-farm demonstration sites in NSW, Victoria, WA, SA and Tasmania between 2004 and 2013.

The new packages cover five regions: North West Slopes NSW; Central Tablelands NSW; North East Victoria, Southern NSW and South West Victoria (Upper); South West Victoria (Lower); and South Coast WA.

Within the regional packages, information is provided according to each region's soils, climate, pastures, livestock systems, and key production and environmental factors. Producers from other regions across the high rainfall zone of southern Australia will also find the tools and information useful.

Every farm is unique in terms of its goals, soils, landscape, enterprise and existing practices. Most farms have a range of land classes that require different management practices to ensure economic and environmental sustainability. Only a proportion of land is suited to high input, improved pasture systems while other land is suited to lower inputs and native pastures.

AWI funded EverGraze to test six new farming systems in different environments across the high rainfall zone of southern Australia. Three "proof" sites focus on improved pasture systems and a further three "proof" sites on native pastures.

The proof sites applied the EverGraze Principle of Right Plant, Right Place, Right Purpose, Right Management to substantially increase profitability while improving water management, use of perennials, biodiversity and soil health.

EverGraze has:

  • Provided proof that high input livestock production systems in the high rainfall zone can be 50 per cent more profitable, while at the same time reducing groundwater recharge by 50 per cent.
  • Provided proof that native pastures, either alone, or combined with improved pastures can deliver a 50 per cent increase in profit and a significant improvement in key, regionally important, natural resource indicators.
  • Generated evidence that on-farm profitability can be achieved while improving environmental management.
  • Ensured adoption of the EverGraze Principle and recommended practices on 3,600 properties across the high rainfall zone.

EverGraze is a partnership between AWI, Meat & Livestock Australia, the Future Farm Industries CRC and regional catchment organizations.

Further Information

EverGraze Regional Packages - information and tools to assist farmers to make sense of the options for their farm situation are now available on a new, interactive EverGraze website at:

Economic evaluation of EverGraze (PDF 586Kb) - read an evaluation on the project including an evaluation of the final stage of EverGraze for comparison at project completion in 2014.

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