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The Cicerone Project Publications

Exploring Profitable and Sustainable Grazing Enterprises Through Producer Led Research and Extension

The Cicerone project is an important legacy from a successful collaboration between producers, researchers and extension specialists. The focus of the project was on exploring profitable and sustainable grazing enterprises through producer-led research, extension and adoption. New web pages have been created to help publicise the Cicerone Project's outcomes and publications to help in providing a public legacy of all of the efforts done over so many years.

In 2013,  AWI agreed to allow all the Cicerone Animal Production Science Special Issue journal articles to be 'open access'. We have worked to create a web presence to assist all those using the Internet to find links to the full papers.  Now that the papers are all available as 'open access', hopefully it will help anyone interested, and especially wool producers, to find the links and understand something about this significant project.

Publications for the project can be viewed at:

The web pages can be found at: