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23.10.2020 Source: AWEX
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Green Carpet Fashion Awards

Fast Facts:

  • Australian woolgrowers were awarded the inaugural Eco Stewardship Award at the Green Carpet fashion Award.
  • The award recognises the commitment to the environment demonstrated by tens of thousands of woolgrowers across the country.
  • The recognition highlights the eco-credentials of our home-grown fibre on a national scale.

The project:

The Green Carpet Fashion Awards is a celebration of the best in sustainable fashion. It is a joint initiative of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and sustainability consultants Eco-Age headed by global sustainability champion Livia Firth.

Australian woolgrowers were awarded with the inaugural Eco Stewardship Award at the 2018 Green Carpet Fashion Awards held during Milan Fashion Week. The award recognises the commitment to the environment demonstrated by the tens of thousands of woolgrowers across the country.


We delivered:

As the global authority on wool, The Woolmark Company promotes Australian wool’s position as the ultimate natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre and represents pioneering excellence and innovation from farm through to fashion. Chosen by Camera della Moda and Eco-Age, The Woolmark Company’s beliefs align perfectly to that of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, celebrating the eco-sustainable choices and results made by the fashion industry.

In Milan to accept the Eco Stewardship Award on behalf of Australia’s woolgrowers were Matt and Vanessa Dunbabin from ‘Bangor’ at Dunalley in Tasmania, alongside Richard and Jenny Weatherly from ‘Connewarran’ at Mortlake in Victoria. To add to the prestigious honour, the award was presented by Oscar-winning Australian actor Cate Blanchett.

The result:

  • Celebration of the Australian wool industry on a global scale
  • Earned media reach of 69.7 million and earning media value of AU$782,200, with significant coverage across print, web, social and broadcast in Italy, Australia, USA and the UK
  • Broadcast coverage in Australia on Entertainment News with Richard Wilkins, reaching an audience of 305,000.
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