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My WoolQ

My WoolQ

The 'My WoolQ' tool provides a central archive of all your clip information with simple comparative tools to see what’s happening from one season to the next. My WoolQ™ receives the test information from your broker allowing detailed analysis of the clip’s performance and the estimated market value to be as accurate as possible.

Personalised clip insights

By receiving information in real time and accessing historical information, the central repository delivers a personalised dashboard of tools and insights, enabling:

  • Woolgrowers and brokers to forecast better and make more informed decisions regarding the sale of their wool
  • Woolgrowers to gain an insight into the potential clip value of their wool, prior to formal testing results
  • Brokers and buyers to gain an insight into the upcoming supply of wool
  • Woolgrowers to monitor their inventory.

Start using the My WoolQ™ today.