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WoolQ Industry Network

The 'Industry Network' tool has two tools:

The Forum

WoolQ Network Form

The 'Forum' is a meeting place where woolgrowers, classers, brokers and buyers can connect to share ideas, experiences and learnings.

This enables participants to connect within the wool community (both locally and nationally).

It fosters the promotion and discussion of industry trends, innovations and allows the creation of private groups for specific communities.

The Directory

WoolQ Network Directory

A website is a great calling card, but it's difficult to be discovered through internet search engines. The Industry Network Directory makes being found quick and easy as the directory is searchable using common requests such as wool type, geographical location or quality scheme.

The 'Directory' offers them the ability to build rich profiles that tell compelling provenance stories showcasing their unique product to a global audience.

Key benefits of the Industry Network Directory include:

  • One location for the whole industry
  • A network of professionals to showcase their products and value-added services to a broader industry network
  • Easy searching for other industry participants, colleagues and service providers

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