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Woolcheque uses AWEX-ID for the appraisal and description of non-measured wool characteristics. A price estimate is determined by combining the AWEX-ID with the objective measurements (test results).

Woolcheque does not use all possible codes (such as the VM type) from the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) published AWEX-ID type table. Go to to download a full AWEX-ID table.

To simplify data-entry into Woolcheque, the AWEX-ID has been split into three: Prime, Style and Qualifiers.

Prime codes

Prime codes represent the main characteristics of the wool, i.e., the Breed and Wool category. They categorise wool into a range of broad-based types, e.g., MF (Merino Fleece), MP (Merino Pieces), etc.


Style codes

Style codes are a ranking scale related to the visual appearance of wool. AWEX-ID uses seven styles from highest (1) to lowest (7), however Woolcheque restricts you to style codes 3 (Spinners) to 7 (Inferior/Stain).

Style 5 is the most widely used style within Australia. Style 4 types are usually grown in the higher rainfall areas, while drought affected wool with medium-to-heavy amounts of dust will typically be appraised as a style 6.

The following table attempts to describe each Fleece style according to its visual characteristics.

Qualifier codes

Qualifier codes are optional in Woolcheque and are used when certain characteristics are visually present in your wool. It is common for a line of wool to have no qualifiers, so these do not have to be entered. Characteristics covered by the qualifiers include those in the table below.