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Weekly commentary on the wool market from AWI trade specialists.

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Wool market review - week ending 15 March 2013 (Week 37)

A somewhat surprising series of wool auction sales were witnessed across Australia this week. In a relatively small volume of just over 40,000 bales, all prices for the Merino fleece sector failed to capitalise on the dearer trend set last week and losses of 25 to 50acents occurred.

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Friday, 08 March 2013

Wool market review - week ending 8 March 2013 (Week 36)

One of the largest volume wool auctions of the season greeted buyers this week. Nationally, over 54,000 bales were put up for sale, and all the early show floor talk amongst the exporters pointed to a very difficult week for local grower sellers.

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Friday, 01 March 2013

Wool market review - week ending 1 March 2013 (Week 35)

Sales in Australian wool auctions this week featured over 52,000 bales up for sale, with quite a high percentage of fine and Superfine descriptions making up the bulk of the offering. As seems to be the "normal" market trend these days, prices were quite erratic during the course of selling through the series.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Wool market review - week ending 22 February 2013 (Week 34)

Whilst a quick glance at the wool market EMI would seem to indicate an uneventful series of wool auction sales, quite the opposite occurred during the week. The market opened to remarkably strong competition on the first two days forcing all categories to rise a general 25acents with the fine and medium micron types of 19.0 to 23.0 micron attracting the keenest interest.

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Wool market review - week ending 15 February 2013 (Week 33)

The wool markets across Australia continued unsurprisingly this week in a pattern similar to that set in the previous series. Under the volume of 50,000 bales offered, most levels of price opened under a cheapening tone for the initial period, but thence firmed strongly on the final day.

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Filter and Search Weekly Market Reports

290 results