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Merino Superior Sires

Merino Superior Sires compares the breeding performance of nominated sires through an independent and robust sire evaluation program.

Overseen by the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA), sire evaluation operates across nine separate sites representing the majority of wool growing regions of Australia.

Sires entered in site/s of their owner's choice are joined through artificial insemination to an equal allocation of ewes. This ensures the difference between the progeny can be attributed to the sire and not the ewes.

Progeny are assessed for a large number of both measured and visual traits.

Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) make it possible to accurately compare the results from a single sire with another sire that was evaluated at a different site, or in a different year.

A commercial entry fee is paid by each entrant and 50 doses of semen are supplied by each sire. A nominated committee runs each site, with site fees covering all costs.

Results are released in:

  • Site Reports compare the performance of sires entered at each site.
  • Merino Superior Sires - the annual sire evaluation report.
  • Merino Superior Sires - reports (ASBVs) produced by the Sheep Genetics MERINOSELECT service.

AWI assists with the funding of the AMSEA committee and part time Executive Director position.


Further Information

Merino Superior Sires Site Reports - to read or download site reports and more information on sire evaluation, please visit the Merino Superior Sires website.