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Breech Strike Genetics

AWI is committed to reducing the risk of all flystrike in the Australian sheep flock.

Removing the need for mulesing to prevent breech strike is a key investment for AWI. Since 2007, research has been underway at two main sites across Australia to identify sheep with high natural resistance to breech strike.

These trials indicate that different factors affect sheep differently in different environments.  Sheep most at risk of flystrike have higher degrees of skin wrinkle and/or wool cover in the breech region, and/or are more susceptible to dag accumulation and urine staining of wool.

Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) for Breech Wrinkle, Breech Cover and Dag - the key traits related to flystrike - are now available for many sires on the MERINOSELECT service.

New research is focusing on odours that either attract or repel flies.

Bare breech of the ram, Cojak from Calcookara Stud, SA.

Further information

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