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Corporate governance

Board committees

The Board has established a number of committees that monitor and guide specific activities. These committees assist the Board to effectively implement, monitor and enforce appropriate corporate governance throughout the Company. There are currently three Board sub-committees and a Board Nomination Committee:

Finance & Audit Committee
Chaired by David Webster
Directors appointed by the Board provide guidance and recommendations to the Board and the CEO to assist in fulfilling their responsibilities relating to risk, accounting, reporting and compliance practices of the Company.

Remuneration & Appointments Committee
Chaired by James Morgan
This Committee provides guidance and recommendations to the Board and the CEO in matters pertaining to recruitment and retention of employees and policies governing remuneration for current and potential employees.

Science & Welfare Committee
Chaired by Meredith Sheil
This Committee was established to provide guidance and recommendations to the Board and CEO regarding the scientific and research policies of the Company and on the conduct of programs relating to activities undertaken by the Company that utilise science or impact animal welfare activities.

Board Nomination Committee
Established to assess the skills of those seeking election to the Board of AWI, the five-member Committee was introduced in 2011 in accordance with AWI's Statutory Funding Agreement with the Federal Government.

Corporate governance documents

The AWI Board is committed to adopting corporate governance principles and best practice recommendations in broad terms consistent with the rest of the corporate business community.

The corporate governance policies for the Company include the following (listed with their dates approved by the Board):

  1. AWI Constitution (PDF 260Kb) - 18 November 2011
  2. Board Charter (PDF 124Kb) - November 2011
  3. Charter of the Committees of the Board 2015 (PDF 283Kb) - October 2015
  4. Board Nomination Committee Charter (PDF 80Kb) 
  5. Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (PDF 326 Kb) - 19 April 2013
  6. Communications Strategy Updated (PDF 122Kb) - June 2015
  7. Corporate Governance Policy (PDF 317Kb) - 22 June 2017
  8. Rules and Procedures governing the election of Directors Update (PDF 216Kb) - March 2017
  9. Director Nomination Form 2017 (PDF 290Kb)
  10. Consent to Nomination Form 2017 (PDF 216Kb)
  11. Statutory Funding Agreement (PDF 1.6Mb) - 1 July 2016
  12. Board and Company Diversity Policy (PDF 149Kb) - 22 November 2018

Further Information

Further information on AWI's corporate governance framework is available in AWI annual reports.