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24.03.2023 Source: AWEX
AWEX EMI 1318 +1
Micron 17 2358n +40
Micron 18 1928 -9
Micron 19 1641 +15
Micron 20 1523 +55
Micron 21 1434 +23
Micron 22 1376n -
Micron 26 572n +4
Micron 28 352 -5
Micron 30 320 -2
Micron 32 258n +3
MCar 888 -22

Woolmark Bale Stencil

Woolmark Bale Stencil
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NOTE: An AWI Shareholder or Levy Payer Reference Number can have up to 12 characters, starting with an 'I' followed by an up to 11 digit number, for example 'I00012345678'. The Reference Number can be found on the front of your AWI Levy Payer Card or AWI Shareholder Card, or other wool levy or AWI shareholder communications. If you don't know your Reference Number, contact AWI on (02) 8295 3100. Important note - this Reference Number should be stored securely.

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