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Shearing and Woolhandling

From shearing and woolhandling, to clip preparation and market transparency, wool harvesting is central to the Australian wool industry. Best practise in shearing sheds results in a high quality wool clip and the health and wellbeing of both professionals and sheep.

We work with industry organisations and contractors and invest in regional coaching programs which are fundamental to education and the adoption of best practice. Since 2015, we have facilitated close to 4000 shearer and wool handler training days to 17,000 people, delivered through AWI-funded programs.

Your career in wool starts here

A rewarding career in the wool industry can take you where ever you want to go. Great income, opportunity to travel, meet new people, stay fit, and always keep learning. Every shed is different, and you can either settle into a location to work, or travel across Australia and the world. Why not give it a go?

In this section
Training Resources
Providing free training for novice, improver and professional shearers and woolhandlers we work to promote best practise in wool harvesting through our regional coaching program and extensive training resources.
Training Courses
Register for upcoming shearer and wool handler training and courses.
Clip Preparation
Preparing your wool clip is an important task that affects the quality of the wool clip and ultimately the final price receive.
Market Transparency
The National Wool Declaration (NWD) creates transparency and choice in the marketplace for retailers and suppliers wanting information on welfare.
Post-Farm Biosecurity
The Australian wool industry had a robust strategy to minimise the potential trade impacts on the industry if an outbreak of an Emergency Animal Disease was to occur in Australia.
Competitions and Support
These competitions promote excellence and professionalism within the Australian shearing industry and encourage young people to join the industry.

The Yarn - Episode 144: A Shortage of Shearers – but is it all bad?

Darren Spencer, a shearing contractor in WA’s Lake Grace, is currently down half a workforce as coronavirus keeps vital shearing staff back in New Zealand. But the show must go on.

Hear from Darren how shearing teams are coping and how the industry is focused on supporting and upskilling the next generation of shearers to meet the challenge.

Listen now